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【Printing craft Collection 1】

Several common printing processes are:

▼ Hot Stamping / Hot Silver:

The scientific name is hot pressing transfer printing, referred to as thermal pad printing, commonly known as hot stamping and hot silver. It is a method of hot stamping metal foil on a printed matter with the help of certain pressure and temperature, and there is also a cold pad printing.

It can be combined with the embossing or debossing process to achieve better results; in addition to gold and silver, the colors that can be used include full color, gold, laser light, spot colors, and so on.

▼ UV:

It is the above-mentioned ultraviolet varnishing, UV is the abbreviation, that is, the curing ink can be dried by ultraviolet radiation. UV is usually a screen printing process, and now there is also offset UV. If you use UV on the film, you need to use a special UV film, otherwise, the UV is easy to fall off, foaming and other phenomena, use special processes such as turgid and hot stamping are better.


The die-cutting process is a molding process in which a special die-cutting knife is made according to the design requirements of the printed matter, and then the printed matter or other substrates are rolled into the desired shape or incision under the action of pressure.

It is suitable for products with more than 150g of paper as raw material, and try to avoid patterns and lines that are close to the tangent line.

▼ Glitter

It is to put a layer of glue on the paper first, and then sprinkle gold powder on the glue.

▼ YO

It is a spring-like object, mostly plastic, and is generally used on the spines of calendars and notebooks to connect pages.


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