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【Printing craft Collection 3】

▼ Lamination

Laminate a layer of transparent plastic film on the printed paper, including crystal film, light film, and matte film, which are called differently in many places

▼ Flocking

It is to brush a layer of glue on the paper, and then paste a layer of fluff-like material to make the paper look and feel like a little flannel.

▼ brush edge

It is to brush an extra layer of color on the edge of the paper, which is suitable for thicker paper and is often used for business cards.

▼ Screen printing

It can be operated on flat objects, spherical objects, curved objects, and even concave and convex surfaces. For example, clothes, wood, etc. can be printed, with great flexibility. After printing, the ink layer is thick and the three-dimensional effect is strong. The screen printing process equipment is simple, the operation is convenient, the printing and plate making is simple, the cost is low, and the adaptability is strong.


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