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After Printing-- Emboss/Deboss Process

What are Embossing and Debossing?

Embossing is a special technique for decorating the surface of printed matter. It uses a concave-convex mold to plastically deform the substrate of the printed matter under a certain pressure, and then perform artistic processing on the surface of the printed matter.

Embossing various convex graphics and patterns show different shades of patterns, with an obvious sense of relief, which increases the three-dimensional sense and artistic appeal of the printed matter

Embossing has a wide range of applications including

Postcards Greeting cards

Business card Invitation card

Calendars Trademarks

labels for decoration Packaging boxes, etc

Why Used Embossing and Debossing?

①Make stereo shape pattern text to add horizontal artistic effect

②Improve the grade of the product and increase the added value of the product

③The high-grade fine concave-convex shape is difficult to imitate and has a considerable anti-counterfeiting effect.


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