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After Printing---Spot UV Process

What is Spot UV?

Spot UV is a liquid varnish for printing surfaces that produce a high gloss. Sometimes called Dot Gloss, UV dots can be placed on an image, such as a logo or title, to make it stand out against a matte or uncovered background. This is a great addition to your project and can really make your prints stand out from the crowd - matching matte and gloss makes your project luxurious.

Spot UV varnishes are applied using the same offset printing method as printed products. The clean fountain in the press was filled with a dot UV varnish and a new version with a dot gloss image was inserted. The printed claims are issued through a printing press and then, under the influence of UV light, a great effect!

Use Spot UV Process effect:


high definition

improving product gloss,

protecting colors

preventing moisture and damage

protecting products.

Spot UV has a wide range of applications including:

Business Cards


Presentation Folders

Greeting Cards

Hang Tags


Trading Cards, etc

The "Spot UV" refers to the ability to apply the technique to only one part of the page when needed; it is mainly used for the decorative effect. Since it can light the color of the area it is applied, this attribute should be taken into account when designing the product.


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