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Classification and structure of the box

The molding process of the paper box is generally the cardboard cutting, crease pressing line bending forming or binding, bonding, and pasting forming. According to different materials, cartons can be divided into corrugated cartons, whiteboard cartons, carton cartons, and so on. Different shapes, it can be divided into square cartons, round cartons, polygonal cartons, special-shaped cartons, and so on. According to the proportional relationship between the opening surface of the package and other surfaces, the opening surface is smaller, called "tubular" packaging; The larger opening surface is called "disc" packaging.

The structure of the common carton and shake the lid carton, refers to the box lid and the back of the box body together. A paper box with a buckle lid refers to a paper box made of two pieces of cardboard respectively. A portable carton refers to a carton with a handle on the upper part of the box body. Drawer-type carton refers to a fixed structure like a drawer.

In industrial production, according to whether the carton can be folded after forming, divided into the fixed carton and folding cartons. The former is made by using the veneer material to glue the base material cardboard, so it is also called a "pasted paper box". Once it is formed, all sides of the box body are fixed and cannot be folded. The folding carton can be folded to save storage and transportation space when the contents are not packed. It is one of the most widely used paper packaging containers.


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