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Common Binding Types(Part 2)

Type #3: Saddle Stitch Binding

Saddle stitching is one of the most common binding methods, which is fast, affordable, and easy to flip through. Saddle the folded pages like a horse, and at the central spine, staple 2-3 pins or thread them like a sewing machine.

Scope of application: product manuals, picture albums, conference materials, training manuals, contract texts, etc.

Saddle stitching adopts the method of folding in half across pages, and the total number of pages must be a multiple of 4. Saddle-stitched pages only rely on 2 wire nails to connect, because the wire is easy to rust, so the fastness is poor.

Type #4: Hard Cover Binding

Cardboard binding, also known as hardcover binding, in which the book is lined with a cardboard cover. This is the main difference from sewn paperbacks: the stiffness of the cover.

This cardboard is covered with paper and fabric. This liner will be printed with the title and design of the cover if using paper or decorated with gold or silver engraving if using fabric or Graflex.


This is the strongest and most durable binding

The cover is not just thicker paper but made of different elements: cardboard, lining, and protective cover


Cardboard is expensive to produce and cover

It took a little longer than expected to make.

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