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Common flaws or quality control points

In the manufacturing process of gift boxes, each process has hidden quality risks. These risks are not due to imperfect process design or incomplete equipment performance. Most of them are caused by the lack of quality awareness and unbalanced skill levels of operators. The lack of strict process control often leads to quality loopholes, which are the biggest enemy of the stable quality of gift boxes. It is particularly important to improve the quality awareness of managers and operators, which is also the most effective way to effectively avoid defects.

Loose edges: After the paper is pasted, the four mouth edges of the box body are not tightly adhered, and there is a phenomenon of hanging between the paper and the gray board.

Crease: After pasting, the surface of the paper forms irregular folds of different lengths.

Broken corners: After the paper is pasted, the four corners of the box are broken and white.

Exposed ash (exposed bottom): Due to the inaccuracy of the knife plate making, or the deviation of the positioning during the pasting operation, the pasting paper is folded and the overlapping position is dislocated, resulting in the exposed gray board.

Bubbles: Bubbles of irregular and different sizes on the surface of the box body.

Glue Stains: Traces of glue left on the surface.

Protrusions (Acne): There is particulate matter remaining in the lower layer of the packaging material, which partially props up the surface and destroys the flatness of the surface of the box.

High and low angle: After the gray board is half-die-cut or slotted, the four sides are folded and formed, and the two adjacent sides are inconsistent in height.

Water ripples: After the box body is pasted, in order to make the corners adhere more tightly, it is necessary to scrape the four sides of the box body with a scraper.

Due to the irregular force, there will be strips or small bubbles with different lengths and irregularities on the entire edge, like water ripples.

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