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Commonly used paper types

1. Copperplate paper

Copperplate paper is the most commonly used paper for color printing, with a smooth surface, high whiteness, and good ink absorption, and is mainly used for picture books, books, DMs, posters, etc.

Copperplate paper is also divided into two kinds of glossy and non-glossy, commonly known as "light copper" and "matte powder". Light copper printing color is bright, color reproduction is good, and matte powder printing color is thick, and looks more high-grade. Commonly used quantitative 128 grams, 157 grams, 200 grams, 250 grams, 300 grams. 2.

2. Offset paper

Offset paper is the most consumed printing paper, color printing effect is worse than the copper plate paper, mostly used for black and white books and textbooks that do not require high color. The paper is thin, and the weight is generally between 60 grams and 120 grams.

3. white cardboard

High toughness and hardness, not easy to break, very much like thick coated paper, but the difference is that the surface of white cardboard without inorganic coating, ink absorption than coated paper, but the printed color is not so bright. The paper is thicker, and the common quantification is 200g, 220g, 250g, 270g, 300g, and 400g. It is commonly used for business cards, invitations, postcards, packaging, etc. 4.

4. Kraft paper

The paper surface is yellowish-brown and tough, but the color is uneven and the surface is rough (in some cases, this is exactly the desired effect). It is widely used in food packaging, file bags, envelopes, etc. It is also used to make book covers and leaflets that reflect the ancient culture.

5. Sulfuric acid paper

The original paper becomes translucent after sulfuric acid treatment and can be printed with some text or patterns in a simple way. It is often used as the lining paper of high-grade books and picture books, through which the graphics on the title page can be seen. It is available in 75g, 60g, and 45g weights. 6.

6. Special paper

Special paper, also called fancy paper, made of different materials, is the collective name of various special-purpose paper or art paper, a wide variety, textured, or have a special texture. But the price is relatively higher than ordinary paper, mostly used in fashion-forward packaging, tags, book covers, business cards, etc., the good use of the print can be unique.


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