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Nine classic box types

There are many types of packaging boxes in life, and each has its own characteristics, so which type of box is suitable for you?

Next, let's take a look at 9 classic box types.

1. Socket box: Insert the ears up and down, the upper part is the same as the bottom, most of them are bisected, or they can be opened on the same side, which is convenient for packaging and suitable for light-weight products

2. Drawer box: There are two parts, the inner box, and the sleeve, which are opened and closed by extraction. The box type of this structure is suitable for gift packaging, clothing packaging, and cosmetic packaging.

3. Mailer box: The whole cardboard after the packaging box is spread out, the mailer box is integrally formed by the mechanism design, does not need to glue the box, and has strong anti-elasticity and compression resistance.

4. Book-shaped box: The packaging style is like a book. The packaging box is opened from one side. The box is composed of a board box and a bottom. According to the customized size and function of the packaging box, some materials need magnet iron sheets and other materials.

5. Lid and base box: It is composed of a box cover and a bottom cover, suitable for boutique gift boxes, such as clothing jewelry or food gift boxes, etc., which can enhance the product image.

6. Flip-top boxes: single-three-lid boxes and double-three-lid boxes. The bottom of the box is composed of two parts: the bottom cover and the cover surface. From the opening method, there is an all-around overall visual impact.

7. Portable box: The bottom is a grounding structure, and the upper part is a portable design. It is the most commonly used box type for gift boxes. It is very convenient to disassemble and carry.

8. Polygonal box: It is composed of five sides or hexagons and other polygons. The boutique gift box gives people a stable atmosphere and impresses consumers.

9. Window box: The carton is cut out to open a window or clipped with transparent cellophane so that the product can be displayed in front of us intuitively, which is convenient for customers to observe and increase the credibility of the product.


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