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Packaging basics printing process

1、Four-color printing

Four-color printing: that is: cyan (C), magenta (M), yellow (Y), black (K) four inks, all colors, pictures, can be mixed by these four inks, the final color graphics printing.

The most common is also the most common printing, different substrates printed on the effect of different.

2, spot-color printing

Spot color printing: refers to printing, specifically with special ink to print the color, then the four colors mixed out of the color is more bright.

Spot color has many colors, you can refer to the Pantone color C card, spot color translucent or gradient printing will need to use the hanging screen. Some color numbers can not be found, you can choose the color through the Pantone website.

(Note: color lightening is not directly adjusted to the transparency, is through the adjustment of Pantone "color" for hanging network settings).

3, the surface process over glosses lamination / matte lamination / touch lamination (over glosses varnish / matte varnish/ touch varnish)

Laminating process: this is a surface processing after printing, also known as post-printing over plastic, post-printing laminating, or post-printing film. Transparent plastic film is laminated to the surface of the printed material by hot pressing, which plays a role in protecting and increasing the luster, and the surface is shiny. The most basic process of carton surface treatment, over-glue can also enhance the hardness and tensile properties of paper.

Similarly, there is over oil, over the ordinary oil cost is lower, touch oil feels better, the cost is high.

4、Over UV

Prints need to highlight parts of the local varnish brightening so that the local pattern has a more three-dimensional effect.

With over-matte oil process printing, no effect when over bright oil.

5、Stamping (hot stamping, hot silver, illusion color)

Hot stamping is the use of the principle of heat pressure transfer, the aluminum layer in the aluminum electrochemical transfer to the surface of the substrate to form a special metallic luster effect.

Printing raw materials are gold, silver, red, green, blue, illusion, and other various colors, but stamping can only be a single color, a wide variety of colors, but not what color the market has. Specific colors can refer to the factory stamping color card.

6、 Bumping/embossing

The use of a set of graphic yin and yang corresponding to the concave template and convex template, the substrate is placed in between, by applying greater pressure to press out the relief-like embossed graphics. Various thicknesses of paper can be used, but cardboard cannot be embossed.

7、Jet code

The process of printing the logo (production date, shelf life, batch number, corporate logo, etc.) on the product with a printer.

Can be printed with simple character patterns, more flexible.


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