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Paper Type

In printing paper, there are two categories of regular paper and special paper.

Regular printing paper: coated paper, newsprint, Dowling paper.

Coated paper: A layer of coating is applied on the base paper to make the paper have good optical properties and printing properties.

There are two most common types of coated paper, one with a glossy surface is called coated paper; the other without gloss is called matte paper.

Newsprint is mainly made of wood pulp, and the paper is yellow. Due to the low cost of this paper, it is mainly used for newspapers and books with a large printing volume.

Offset paper is also known as Daolin paper. Its surface fibers are delicate, and it is often used to print some high-end prints.

specialty paper

There are endless types of special paper. Usually, we can obtain various special model manuals through some paper companies to select suitable paper.


The thickness of the paper is measured by gram weight, which is the weight of one square meter of paper. For example, the commonly used copy paper is 80-100g, the general business card is about 300-350g, and the conventional commercial paper is sold in a pack of 500 sheets, usually 1 ream.

Each country has its own unique base paper size. In our country paper, there is three sizes positive, large and international A-size paper. No matter what kind of paper it is, it will be cut into different sizes according to a certain size. Size, for example, the international A-plate paper will be cut into A1, A2, A3, etc. by half-cutting, and the positive and large paper will be changed to half-opening, 4-opening, 8-opening through the double-opening method, and certified through the three-opening method. Into 3 open, 6 open, 9 open, and so on. Therefore, when using paper, you need to pay attention to how to cut to achieve maximum savings.


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