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Print design work needs to pay attention to these important matters

Printing is not everything

But do not know how to print a million

01 Bleeding

Bleeding refers to the part of the screen that is reserved for easy cutting when printing to retain effective content. Print design must take the size of the bleed into account to ensure the integrity of the work.

Generally, cutters and documents have an error of about 2mm, so in print design bleeding (margins) is generally set to 3mm, or else the hard work of the design screen is cut off, it is really on the spot "bleeding"!

By the way, who gave such a bloody name ... If you don't know, you think you have to see blood to make a print! Really scared the baby!

02 color mode

CMYK color mode is used for the presentation of printed images.

CMYK represents the four colors used in printing, C represents cyan (Cyan), M represents magenta (Magenta), Y represents yellow (Yellow), and K represents black (Black).

By mixing these four colors in different proportions, it is possible to create a variety of colors, which is amazing!

Since the RGB color gamut is wider than the expression range of printing color, the color will be darker when it is converted to CMYK.

So, in order to ensure that there is no error in the finished product, all the aunties should be good enough to set the color mode to CMYK mode.

03 Resolution

The higher the resolution, the clearer the image.

Generally speaking, the printing resolution needs to be at least 300dpi; if it is lower than 300dpi, the finished product will appear blurred to varying degrees.

Remember to adjust the size first before setting the resolution Oh! If the size is small, how to increase the resolution is useless ~

04 Text to curve

In order to avoid the transfer of the file to other computers, the font can not be recognized or the font does not exist, the file needs to be converted before output.

For example, business cards, posters, leaflets, folding pages, and other documents with less text can be converted.


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