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Printing color common sense

Pictures in the computer screen is displayed in RGB color mode, presenting brighter colors, while the printing color mode is CMYK, color mode is different, a little color bias is normal. And the printed color will be affected by the paper and the intensity of the light source, so the actual printing effect and the computer screen display effect will exist a slight color difference.

1. The color fill setting is always CMYK, not special color or RGB.

2. The color of the base image should not be less than 8%, otherwise the color will be too light to print.

3. The color difference between the light mesh and the base color is more than 25% when the base color is upstream of the base pattern light mesh.

4. K100% black color block or line, all black straight press, no other colors, so as not to cause overlapping colors, other colors please do not set overprint.

5. Please do not use C100%, M100%, Y100%, K100% four-color black fill, or the total value of the gradation more than 250% fill, so as to avoid the ink is difficult to dry resulting in scuffing or dragging flowers.

6. The color of screen and inkjet printouts cannot be used as printing color samples. For those with strict color requirements, please attach a sample print, otherwise printers generally will not return the product due to color difference.

7. the same document, in different times printing, printing control ink volume problems, color differences are about 10% is normal.

8. old file reprint, you need to attach the correct color sample for printing color to avoid excessive color differences.

9. Repeat printing, each time you need to attach the color sample printing, such as: apple green, dark coffee, purple, orange, strong metallic color, gradient red, etc., need to add 50 ~ 100 square number, in order to avoid color differences.

10. because of the processing on the film factors, the color will be darker, such as the need for bright colors, need to adjust the color in the document.

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