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Printing Paper Type

1. Coated paper (mainly used for offset printing, such as puzzles, handbooks, calendars, etc.)

Also known as printing coated paper, the coated paper has a smooth surface, high color reproduction, and a strong reflective effect, but the corresponding texture is not so strong.

2. White cardboard (mainly used for business cards, book jackets, menus, packaging boxes, etc.)

White cardboard is a kind of thicker, firmer, and purer white cardboard made of high-quality wood pulp. Its characteristics are high

smoothness, good stiffness, neat appearance, and good evenness.

3. Matte art paper (mainly used for high-end albums, matte magazines, etc.)

Matte paper is also called matte-coated paper, and the reflection is not as strong as that of coated paper. However, the printing pattern effect is more delicate and textured, and the corresponding price is also more expensive.

4. Light-coated paper (mainly used for printing journals, advertisements, catalogs, etc.)

Lightweight coated paper is also called light coated paper, low basis weight coated paper, or LWC paper.

At present, the color printing effect of light-coated paper is almost comparable to that of coated paper, and the price is higher than that of general printing paper, but it is much cheaper than coated paper.

5. Pearl paper (mainly used for high-end picture albums, books, packaging boxes, etc.)

Pearl paper has a very smooth surface, thicker thickness, strong reflection, and pearl luster.

The difference between pearl paper and ordinary whiteboard paper is that there are particles that form the pearl effect in the surface coating.

6. Sulfuric acid paper (mainly used for title pages in binding and clothing tags)

Sulfuric acid paper, also known as plate-making sulfuric acid transfer paper, is a kind of translucent paper.

It has the characteristics of pure paper, high strength, good transparency, no deformation, light resistance, high-temperature resistance, and anti-aging.

7. Kraft paper (mainly used for wrapping paper, envelopes, tote bags, etc.)

Kraft paper is the toughest, water-resistant packaging paper and the strongest paper available. Kraft paper is generally tan but can be bleached. Equivalent to other papers, the color rendering effect is not so good.

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