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Printing Process

Pre-printing process

1. The customer communicates with the printer to sign a printing contract and prepayment.

2. Graphic design according to customer requirements.

3. Customer proofread and modify the draft, and sign to confirm.

4. Customer finalizes the draft after the film, proofing so that the customer final sample error-free confirmation of the signature.

5. Collage, sunburn, into the next process.

6. Final confirmation of error-free on the machine for batch printing.

Post-printing process

1. Laminating (bright film, matte film), varnishing, oiling (partial, all), UV (partial, all), laminating.

3. Die-cutting (right angle, rounded angle, circle, oval, shaped), embossing, cutting.

4. Folding (two-fold, three-fold, four-fold, five-fold, etc.).

5. Binding (horse-riding staple binding, wireless glue binding, lock-line glue binding, hardcover, YO ring binding, wire binding, etc.)

6. Laminating (for envelopes, handbags, boxes, hardcover book covers, and card boxes).

7. Slitting, sealing, organizing, bag making (for plastic bag printing)

8. Factory inspection of finished products, packaging, and transportation.


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