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Printing process of the three elements of color and resolution

Color selection, the need to take into account the actual reproduction of the printing effect, for example, try not to use the purple color, the reason is that the printing ink in the green ink and magenta ink superimposed on the purple color obtained by the general "dirty", it is difficult to reach the computer monitor to show the customer's color or the color effect desired by the customer's mind, easy to This can cause quality accidents related to color.

In the printing class graphic design, the resolution must be set according to the requirements of the design and printing process, especially the printing substrate materials used (mostly paper) and other factors to determine, not any picture must be adjusted to the highest resolution, the resolution of different objects are set as follows.

General newsprint, offset paper printing color or black and white newspaper printing screen line for 60-100 lines, design resolution at 120-200dpi.

General offset paper, picture paper, coated paper, cardboard, white board printing color pictures, such as book covers, pictorial newspapers, product advertising, etc., printing screen line up to 150 lines, design resolution of 300dpi.

High-grade books, exquisite picture books, and high-grade advertising prints printed on high-grade coated paper, with printing screen lines of up to 175 lines or more and a design resolution of 350dp.

For fine and rare books or special securities, special banknotes, etc., the design resolution can be 400dpi.

In order to achieve "work" to "product" success across, it is necessary to understand the knowledge of the printing process, the process discussed above to do a good job in the selection and setting of parameters, skilled application to the specific design, in order to successfully achieve the printing batch Industrial production requirements, and constantly guide and reduce production costs, to create more value for customers.


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