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Printing process of the three major elements of the type of printing

In order to complete the perfect metamorphosis from "work" to "product", we first consider which type of printing will be used to design the product, the process characteristics of different printing types are completely different, with four major printing methods as an example.

Offset printing performance levels are rich and delicate; letterpress products outline clear, strong strokes, bright ink; gravure printing is clear lines, fine and beautiful, screen printing ink layer thick with a sense of embossing; flexographic printing products concise color block, the line to cause a strong visual impact. Different types of printing have their own specific design requirements and must be considered in the design of the corresponding.

① For offset printing product design, the main attention to these points can be: whether the resolution of the picture is sufficient; trap value is suitable; for small text, try to avoid four-color overlay, so as not to increase unnecessary printing difficulties; rules line cutting line is complete; try to avoid the design of large format full-page field color block; graphics and paper fiber orientation relationship, taking fully into account the requirements of post-processing, etc.

② gravure products in the design to avoid multi-color overprinting. Because most of the substrate materials used in gravure printing have a large thermal stretch, coupled with heat deformation in the high-speed printing process, making it more difficult to print overprinting, the design should try to avoid multi-color overprinting without affecting the design effect.

③ flexographic printing prints in the design should avoid the following: avoid designing too small text and too fine lines; avoid two-color or multi-color lines and text overlays; avoid designing fine anti-white text and lines.

④ screen printing in product design, screen printing with the original graphic lines, dot precision requirements, and ordinary printing.


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