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Printing Terminology 2

1. CMYK, also known as printing four-color, is the four most commonly used printing standard colors in color printing, C refers to Cyan, M refers to Magenta, Y refers to Yellow, and K refers to Black. Prints all colors except fluorescent and metallic

2. PANTONE Pantone also called Pantone is a well-known color system supplier in the United States. The color system provided by them is different from the method of CMYK color mixing, but each color is adjusted separately. In addition to the general color, PANTONE also provides metal and Fluorescent color standards. Because of the color systems they provide, they are widely used in various fields around the world. Everyone uses this name as a synonym for specially modulated printing colors.

3. Color samples A small number of physical objects that can represent the style and color are usually used as the standard for inspection and delivery

4. Makeup imposition Usually the printed content will be assembled as compactly as possible on a printing layout to facilitate printing and save paper. In addition, due to the binding relationship, multi-page prints are on the same printing layout, and the page numbers are often not arranged in order.

5. Ream, Generally speaking, conventional commercial paper is sold in packs of 500 sheets, usually called 1 ream

6. Positive, generous, A-version paper has a unique base paper size in each country. In my paper, there are 3 sizes, which are positive, generous, and international A-version paper.

7. The open number paper will be cut into different sizes according to a certain equal division. The open number indicates the size of the paper after being cut many times. The method of dividing into two equal parts can be divided into two parts, 4 open, 8 open, etc. . Through the method of evenly dividing into three parts, you can get 3, 6, 9, etc.

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