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Special Paper Type 1

Paper is an important part of our lives, and we use various types daily. But apart from the paper, you use to print catalogs or manuscripts on; there is a whole range of special types of paper explicitly used for art; used for something specific. Let’s discover some of them below;

Vellum paper is unique and is often made from cotton. When you lift it and hold it against a light, you will see that it is slightly translucent. Vellum paper comes in various colors like white, silver, and gold and can be used for all kinds of arts and crafts such as;

· Transferring designs

· Scrapbooking

· Tracing

· Invitations

· Photo albums

· Baby albums

Acid-Free Paper

This type of paper prevents important documents from deteriorating, aging, or yellowing.

Card stock paper is used when you want to add some dimension and texture to 2-dimensional paper art. You can use it for card stock paper;

· 3D Crafts (boxes, bags, rolled flowers)

· Multi-purpose boxes

· Cut-outs

· Holiday, graduation, birthday, Christmas, and baby cards

· Minecraft paper crafting

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