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The size of each part of the book cover

Book opening and cover size are not the same concepts, book opening refers to the book cut into a light book, and the entire book width and height of the width of the composition of the whole sheet of paper accounted for a few percent, for example, book opening is 16, 32, and according to the size of the full sheet of paper, divided into positive degree (787 × 1092) and large degree (889 × 1194) two. And the cover size is the size of the total width and length of the cover after unfolding.

①The size of the front cover/back cover. Generally speaking, the size of the front cover and back cover are exactly the same, and their size is equal to the book opening size

②Size of the spine. In the cover design, the size of the spine should be calculated according to the amount of book content and the type of paper used, the formula is as follows: spine size = a number of pages in the book ÷ 2 × the thickness factor of the paper. Where the number of pages refers to the book core in addition to the cover of the sum of all page numbers, the thickness of the paper coefficient refers to the thickness of the paper sheet.

③ Le mouth of the size. Generally on the premise of not wasting paper, and not affecting the printing and binding, the mouth of the design to the larger better, so that you can accommodate more information. The unreasonable size of the lexicon will cause the waste of paper, increase the difficulty of book production and raise the cost of book production.

④The size of the cover. The size of the cover is the sum of the size of the various parts of the book cover, i.e. cover width size = 2 × front cover (or back cover) size + spine size + 2 × lexicon size cover height size = book height.


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