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What are the elements of the printing process 2

Printing plate. The printing plate is used to transfer the ink to the substrate on the printing graphics carrier. In the case of printing scrapers with good or bad quality, the cost of ink is also critical. The graphic information on the original is produced on the printing plate, which then has a graphic part and a non-graphic part. The graphic part of the printing plate is the inking part, so it is also called the printing part, and the non-graphic part does not absorb ink during the printing process, so it is also called the empty self part.

The printing part of the plate and the blank part of the relative position of different heights or different roles can be divided into convex, flat, intaglio, and hole plates. Their production methods, the use of plates, and printing methods are different.

The substrate. The substrate is to accept the printing ink or adsorption of color and presents the graphics of various substances. Traditional printing is transferred on paper, so the substrate is paper.

Printing papers are newsprint, letterpress paper, offset paper, offset printing coating paper, gravure paper, a weekly newspaper, drawing paper, map paper, poster paper, copy paper, dictionary paper, book cover paper, writing paper, white cardboard, etc.

With the development of science and technology, printing substrates continue to expand. Now far from just paper, but also includes a variety of other materials, such as fiber fabrics, plastics, wood, metal, glass, ceramics, and so on.

Printing ink. Printing ink is in the printing process and is transferred to the substrate on the imaging material. Substrate from the printing plate to transfer the graphics, graphics display by the formation of color material, and can be fixed on the surface of the substrate, become a printing trace.

Printing ink is a kind of color particles uniformly dispersed in the linked material, and fillers and additives join, with a certain degree of fluidity and viscosity of the material. But some printing before the widespread use of ink. Printing with water ink, such as carbon black, originally red, indigo, garcinia yellow, and other kinds of color ink. Such as woodblock watermark is the use of water ink printing.

Ink by printing type classification is letterpress ink, lithographic ink, gravure ink, hole plate ink, special oil, and special ink. They are divided into many types according to different printing methods, various printing methods and according to different uses.

Special inks include hose ink, printing iron ink, glass ink, marking ink, cover pin ink, spray ink, copy ink, number machine ink, etc.

Special printing ink includes foam ink, spice ink, magnetic ink, fluorescent ink, pearlescent ink, conductive ink, metal powder ink, anti-counterfeiting ink, and other varieties for special purposes.

A variety of ink and black ink and various shades of color ink.

Printing machinery. Printing machinery is used in the production of printed matter, the general name of the machine, and equipment. It is an indispensable piece of equipment in modern printing.


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