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What is the difference between offset printing and digital prototyping?

The color of digital proofing is generally 8 colors; the offset printing samples are all printed with a four-color printing machine, and the color difference between the two is relatively large.

It is recommended that those who have high requirements on color can choose to proof on the machine, and the price will be higher than that of digital samples. Because digital proofing is generally directly printed on face paper by a color inkjet printer, and the offset sample needs to be made of a CTP version for on-machine printing, the cost is relatively high.

It is recommended that the product requirements are not high, and digital proofing can be selected for fast speed.

Since digital printing is an integrated printing, it is directly output by the computer and can be printed in a short time; offset printing requires plate making, ink adjustment, and then transfer, which is a bit longer than digital.

Digital printing is single-sheet printing, free of plate making, variable printing, on-demand printing, suitable for small batch customized printing; offset printing requires plate making, whether it is a small amount or a large amount of plate making, the machine fee will be higher if the quantity is small.


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