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Why do you need to proof it before printing?

I believe that friends who have been in contact with printing know that before the official printing, are required to proof, but just contacting the industry may not know much, before the network is not yo so developed, corporate communications are dependent on album prints, so proofing is very important, so why do you want to proof before printing? The following printing house editor will give you a detailed introduction.

  Making the printing plate, mounted on the proofing machine for trial printing work is called proofing. Proofing to correctly reproduce the original version of the order level and color, proofing is an important process, the role of proofing is to.

  l, check the quality of each process of plate making. Use proofing to check the effect of color separation, etc., and feedback on the previous process for changes.

  l to provide customers with the basis for review, proofing by the customer's signature can be printed in large quantities.

  l, Provide the basis and reference data of ink color, specification, etc. for the official printing. The most common way of proofing the general brochure is divided into digital proofing and traditional proofing, traditional proofing is also machine proofing, two kinds of advantages and disadvantages, the biggest feature of digital proofing is low cost, fast, but can not be equal to the printing sample, so this way out of the sample can only be used as a reference sample; on the machine proofing is the biggest feature of the final batch of printed products with small differences, accurate information, especially for high-quality Printed products need to be proofed, but the cost is high and is charged entirely on the basis of printing costs


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