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Why is traditional printing more and cheaper?

Many people don't know why the printing factory charges the setup cost.

Why does it have to be in quantity to be cheap?

Let's find out together.:)

The setup cost refers to the printing cost within the specified minimum number of prints. If the quantity is small, the printing fee is the start-up cost, which usually includes the printing fee, ink, various consumables, labor costs during the adjustment period, and machine depreciation costs.

Step 1: plate making

It is mainly published on CTP plate-making plates. The printing plate is one color by one plate. Before assembling, the remaining ink should be clear to ensure that the color is not affected by the original color.

Step 2: Load the paper

Loading paper is a heavy-duty job that requires a lot of effort to carry.

After it is installed, it is necessary to do the pre-paper feeding and color matching, and the master needs to do all kinds of data proofreading work.

Usually, one or two hundred sheets or more of white paper material need to be prepared to machine adjustment loss. No matter how many copies are printed, each batch of printing needs to be prepared again.

Therefore, with the increase in the number, the public share of the setup fee becomes less and less. This is why the smaller the quantity, the cheaper the printing price.


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