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Printing process of the three elements of the choice of materials

In the selection of materials, on the one hand, we must consider the variety of materials, on the one hand, we must take into account the issue of material specifications. Different varieties of printing materials and their printing suitability vary greatly, or even completely different, the actual performance of the product also varies widely. Such as single-sided coated paper, single-sided offset paper, single-sided coated cardboard, coated paper, white paper, gold plate paper, aluminum foil paper, etc.

Material specifications must be taken into account to avoid additional costs due to improper selection of material specifications. Book printing paper, for example, books and magazines, covers, inserts and lining pages, covers within 200 pages generally with 100 ~ 150g paper, more than 200 pages with 120 ~ 180g paper; inserts with 80 ~ 150g paper; lining pages according to the thickness of the book is generally selected between 80 ~ 150g.

For the same variety of paper, the heavier the gram, the higher the price, the gram of the body of the paper increases, the thickness of the spine is also thickened, and sometimes have to adjust the gram of the cover paper and the number of open, which will produce a series of collateral relationships, often increasing the cost of paper.


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