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The choice of embossing or debossing printing

To give your prints a distinctive and premium feel, adding other finishings to the paper is a must. Among them, there are two commonly used processing methods that can enhance the visual effect and feel, that is embossing and debossing. This process can not only increase the sense of hierarchy but also help to enhance the image of the brand. In terms of sales, these two processes definitely help to increase the desire to buy.

Embossing or Debossing

Both printing effects are done with the die or metal plate stamping.

Through the embossing processing, the design pattern on the front side is protruded by the impact of the back side of the printed matter.

The debossing process is to press the pattern into the paper to form a concave and convex effect.

These processes are suitable for highlighting logos, text, graphics, or creating shading for the surface of the paper, the purpose is to give the plain paper a 3D feel.

Both embossing and debossing can be divided into colorless and colored, and different methods are used in accordance with different designs.

Colored embossing or debossing can not only be processed on printing color but also can be processed on hot stamping. Due to the cooperation of the two processes, the technical requirements for the printing master are higher, and there will be greater losses during the printing process. Therefore, the more colors are stamped and embossed, the more difficult it is to register and the more loss.

It is recommended to use thick paper for debossing so that the processing effect will be more obvious. Especially embossed, without the relative thickness, the effect cannot be achieved. The cardboard that is too thin is not suitable for debossed, because it will be more difficult to make the graphics.

Examples of Embossed and Debossed Prints

The finished product of these two printing methods has a unique visual effect and a pleasant tactile experience, which also means that potential customers will appreciate your brand, products, and services with high quality and perspective.

These printing methods are often used in different printed products, such as business cards, invitation cards, letterheads, envelopes, packaging boxes, paper bags, etc.

The embossing design is often used in

Company LOGO, colorful stamps

patterns on wedding invitations

text on folder

The debossing design is often used in

newcomer's name

Company Logo

name on card

▲The two kinds of processing are often used in combination in boutique cards. This card has no color but is also very eye-catching.

▲The house is not completely pressed down, but a thin line is left in the middle, which makes the texture of the pattern more prominent.

▲The common design of many high-end business cards is dented in front to make the word 14, and the overall feeling is more luxurious.

▲The packaging box is embossed with bronzing to highlight the LOGO, which is also a common processing method for luxury goods.

▲In order to make the brand image more vivid, some companies will make efforts to dent the front of the envelope and gilt the opening.

▲Use the debossing process on the invitation card to make the whole card richer.

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