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What are the special papers?

What are the special papers? Nowadays, special paper is widely used, and many designers use different textures of special paper to design different effects.

1. Vegetable parchment paper (sulfuric acid paper)

Sulfuric acid paper is a kind of translucent paper because it is smooth, relatively hard, translucent, and not easy to wet, and gold, silver, or graphics are printed on sulfuric acid paper, which is unique and is generally used for high-end picture albums.

2. Synthetic paper

Synthetic paper (polymer paper and plastic paper, actually plastic film) is made of synthetic resin (such as PP, PE, PS, etc.)as the main raw material. After a certain process, the resin is melted, extruded, stretched into a film, and then processed into paper. , a material obtained by giving it the whiteness, opacity, and printability of natural plant fibers. This type of paper is only suitable for laser printers, not inkjet printers.

3. Pearl paper

Pearl paper is composed of three parts: bottom fiber, filler, and surface layer. The pearlescent effect means that there is a layer of shiny metal effect on the surface of the paper. Generally used for packaging, book covers, etc. so that the product has a metallic luster, and can sparkle under the light to improve the value of the product.


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