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Common packaging box designs

Designers pursue creativity and innovation too much in the creative process and pursue the perfect presentation of design software.

They find that they cannot or are difficult to implement after proofing, and then they start overhauling and overhauling. It is one aspect of wasting energy and more importantly, delaying. The best marketing time for customers is to know that in the current marketing environment, the packaging of goods plays an important role in the sales of goods. Packaging is the "wedding dress" of goods. The quality of packaging design directly impacts whether consumers buy or not. mental balance. In the end, naturally, there is no future for cooperation with each other!

The following will share with you the common packaging box designs. It is recommended that both Party A and the designer collect them!

1. Tuck end box: The tuck end box is printed on white cardboard or pit paper, and can be folded after die-cutting. The upper and lower ears are inserted. The upper part is the same as the bottom.

2. Drawer box: a box type with a drawer function, the drawer box is pulled out when in use, and it is very convenient to open.

3. Mailer box: The shape of the packaging box is named after the shape of the plane when it is unfolded. The structural design is used to achieve one-piece molding, which does not need to glue the box, which can save processing costs.

4. Book-shaped box: It consists of an outer shell and an inner box. The outer shell surrounds the inner box for a week. The bottom of the inner box and the back wall are bonded to both sides of the outer shell. The unbonded upper cover can be opened, and the shape looks like a hardcover book.

5. Lid & base box: It consists of a box cover and a bottom box. The cost of using paper is slightly higher, but the texture is good. It is suitable for hardcover gift boxes, such as clothing, jewelry, or food gift boxes, which can enhance the image of the product.


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