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Die Cutting Process

What is the die-cutting process?

Die-cutting is a method of creating unique shapes in a material. It is often used artistically on the cover to cut out a window in a book, or on the inside pages to create flaps, pop-out structures, or interesting shapes.

In the simplest terms, a die is a set of steel blades that form the cut shape. The die-cutting process begins with the creation of a mold. Simple shapes like circles and squares are easy, but if your design calls for unique shapes, you have to make new molds, which can be expensive as our suppliers may not have these unique shapes in stock. Once the mold is ready, it is placed on the block and installed in the press. The technician will measure the position of the paper under the mold and cut some strips to make sure the shape looks as expected and the mold is fine. The die is then pressed against the material with strong pressure to cut.

Material note

The die-cut process is suitable for a variety of materials such as metal, plastic, paper, cloth, foam, wood, and composite materials. The type of material to be converted and its properties have a major impact on the optimal die-cutting process for the application, as well as the optimal machine configuration and die design.

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