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Printing Knowledge

Printing is one of the four great inventions of ancient China. The invention of printing is a representative of the wisdom of the ancient working people of China, so what exactly is

What is printing?

What is printing?

In the literal sense, a mark is called a print and a smear is called a brush. Printing is the original text, drawings, photographs, security, etc. through the process of plate making, ink application, and pressure, so that the ink transfer to the surface of the paper, textiles, plastics, leather, PVC, PC, and other materials, bulk reproduction of the original content of the technology, is the process of printing machinery and special ink transfer to the substrate.

What are the processes involved in printing?

1. pre-press: refers to the work before printing, generally referring to photography, design or production, typesetting, out-of-the-film, sun plate, etc.

2. printing: refers to the work in the middle of printing, through the process of printing out the finished product.

3. post-press: refers to the work of late printing, and generally refers to the post-processing of printed products including laminating, laminating, cutting or die-cutting, windowing, gluing, quality inspection, etc.

What are the common printing methods?

1. offset printing: an indirect printing method, stable quality process, widely used, such as newspapers books and magazines, packaging, etc.

2. gravure printing: the ink contained in the gravure pit is directly embossed onto the substrate, commonly used in large quantities of printed matter such as wine labels, sugar paper, etc.

3. screen printing: a printing method using a screen as a plate, which can print on curved surfaces and can also be used to produce prints, with a wide range of substrates.

4. inkjet printing: to use inkjet printing presses, inkjet printing presses are a kind of "non-contact with the object" inkjet printing type high-tech digital printing equipment, that can be free of any material restrictions.

5. digital printing: digital printing is a new way of printing computer files directly on paper, as opposed to the tedious process of traditional printing. One sheet starts printing, no plate making, immediate availability, instant error correction, and on-demand printing.

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