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What are the common binding methods?

What are our common books, brochures, materials, and other printed matter binding? What are the characteristics of each type of binding?

1. Saddle stitches Binding

Is the most concise, commonly used binding way, suitable for thinner bookbinding.

2, flat order

Wire and wire are in the binding, it is printed pages by folding, with a book, in the nail mouth side with wire (wire) nailed, and then cover the binding method. Used for binding general books.

3, Sewing glue

The lock line adhesive pack avoids the shortcomings of the wireless adhesive pack easy to lose pages, and degumming, often used in books and periodicals with more pages, such as dictionaries, etc.

4, Perfect bound

Mainly used in offset paper printing, because its smoothness is very good, at present, a large number of product manuals, novels, and teaching books are used in this binding.

5, side brush glue

This binding method is common in papers, bills, non-carbon paper, letter paper and other printed matter, easy to tear a single page tear down.

6, plastic wire sewing

This is a more advanced binding method, which is characterized by the book block in the book post after 2 times adhesive, the first adhesive function is to set the plastic thread foot and book post paper adhesive so that the book post pages to be fixed;

The second bonding is through the wireless adhesive set of the plastic line ironing book block bonded into a book block, this method is set into a book block is very strong, and because of no milling back maxing, reduces the effect of glial poor binding quality.

7, loose-leaf binding

Hot melt sleeve, iron ring, spiral ring, rubber ring, Wei Le, steel ridge, plastic pipe hot riveting, ridge bar, etc.

8, hardcover

The process is more complex, generally used in high-grade picture albums, recipes, stamp albums, and souvenir albums.


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